Wooden Decorative Clan Comb with Stand

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Why a Hair Comb?

When the Peacemaker was spreading the message of peace among our people, he encountered Tadadaho - an Onondaga Chief. Tadadaho was said to be one of the most fierce people in all of Haudenosaunee Country. He was said to have a crooked body, a wretched face, and snakes in his hair. The Peacemaker knew that in order to have peace among all the Nations, he had to convince Tadadaho to accept the message. Through his use of the Good Mind, the Peacemake was able to "comb the snakes" from Tadadaho's hair. The hair comb is a symbol of the act of removing old, negative thoughts and replacing them with peaceful thoughts.

Our Clan Hair Combs are made from wood and come complete with a stand to display the piece on your desk, table, or mantle. They also come with a card describing the symbology of the hair comb and a gift box. These are available with any of the nine (9) Haudenosaunee Clans. 

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