11" Wooden Lacrosse Stick

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5.80 Ounces
  • 11" Wooden Lacrosse Stick
  • 11" Wooden Lacrosse Stick
  • 11" Wooden Lacrosse Stick
  • Available in 2 styles: all white or purple multi-color.
  • 11" Wooden Lacrosse Stick
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  To the Haudenosaunee, lacrosse is a gift from the Creator. We play for his enjoyment and to up lift the spirits of our people. Wooden lacrosse sticks are made from a living tree. It is believed to contain its own spirit from the tree, and this enhances the stick handler’s ability, if used with respect. It also keeps the player connected to our Mother Earth. For this reason, Haudenosaunee players prefer to use their wooden sticks.

  Many Haudenosaunee infants still receive a tiny wooden stick when they are born. At the end of their journey, men are often buried with them when they pass away back to the Creator’s land.

11" Wooden Stick comes in a ready to gift box with an explanation of Lacrosse and the significance of wooden sticks. Price also includes a free engraving. Made on the Tuscarora Nation by Wooden Lacrosse, a family owned and operated business.

  • WIDTH: 2.75"
  • HEIGHT: 11"
  • DEPTH: .375"
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