Tuscarora WoodWorks Stands with Standing Rock

"This piece represents the spirit of water to me. Water is life and keeps us alive."

- Ris

Like many of our brothers and sisters across Turtle Island, we are very concerned with what is happening in Standing Rock. Just two days ago authorities used violence and arrested over 100 of the Protectors. We must stand together and stand up against the Dakota Access Pipeline. While many of us cannot be there on the front lines, we send our support in any way we can. 

Ris woke up this morning with an idea. She said she wanted send some gifts with the Tuscarora Delegation heading to Standing Rock on Monday. She fired up her computer and drew up her idea in Adobe Illustrator. After we discussed it, it seemed that clear acrylic was the best way to render the piece as it suggests water. After some additional design work and a trial or two, we created the pendants shown below. 

Ris went further and designed a card to carry a special message to those on the front lines:

Ù:nę hésnę:, thwe:ʔ θkaʔtike ̨́hra:t e ̨́ʔnwahst tíhsnęʔ neyękhinęherá:thęhs thwe:ʔ haʔ Awęʔke ̨́haʔnęʔ aʔfnáʔkye. Hà:neʔ nęyúhnęk haʔ tiyękwaʔtikęhrúʔnę:. Ù:nę čakwaʔtike ̨́hra:t.

This is Skarù:ręʔ for:

Now so, we bring our minds together as one as we give greetings and thanks to all the waters on the earth. That’s the way our minds should be. Now our minds are one.

This a line from our Thanksgiving Address. Water is indeed something to be grateful for. And something that binds us all together for none of us can live without it. 

This is a small way we here at Tuscarora WoodWorks can show our support. 

#NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

"Yutukę́hti ha? à•we" 

(Water is Sacred)

If you'd like to purchase one of these, please visit the listing here: Water Is Sacred Pendant. 100% of the Proceeds of the Sale of this pendant goes directly to support those on the front lines in Standing Rock.

Oct 29th 2016 Robert

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