Introducing: Tuscarora SoapWorks!

Introducing: Tuscarora SoapWorks!

Yes, you heard that right: we are now offering handmade, small batch Soaps! Why soaps you ask? Let me tell you about how we got started with soap making. 

Back in October 2018, we were getting ready to visit one of our favorite places: Austin, Texas! We were going to attend the Austin City Limits Music Festival for the second time. Both Paul McCartney and Metallica were headlining and who could miss that! 

We ended up having an extra day in Austin so we looked for something fun to do. We had talked about creating a "Maker Space" (more on that in another blog post) and started googling for Maker Spaces in Austin. We found one that offered a Soap Making class on the day we had free and decided to book it. 

The class was awesome! At the time, neither of us knew anything about making soap. The instructor was a seasoned soap maker and did a great job teaching us. We learned how to do Cold Process Soap (there are a number of ways to make soap - who knew?). The instructor premixed our oils, but we got to mix the lye water, add the fragrance, and bring the soap to "trace" (the point at which the lye water and oils have emulsified and there is a trace or trail left when you drip the soap mixture over itself). We poured the soap into recycled waxed cardboard boxes (the kind they sell chicken broth in) and let the soap harden (or go through the chemical reaction known as "saponification."). 

Since we were still on vacation, we just left the soap in the molds until we got home. We then cut the soap up and decided to test out the market a bit. We sold all the bars and were encouraged to make more. But, since we were smack dab in the middle of busiest time of year, we would have put our soap making on hold until after the new year. 

We did tons of research, read a couple books, and watched countless YouTube videos. We quickly discovered that there is a lot more to making soap than meets the eye. We decided to dive right in, order a bunch of supplies, and get started making our own soaps. 

So far, we have made well over 300 bars of soap and have already sold out of a couple styles. People seem to like what we are doing and we couldn't be happier and more grateful! For us, soap making is a great combination of both art and science - something we both love. 

As we ramp up our soap operations, we want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us, commented on our posts, or have made suggestions. We really appreciate every single one of you! We look forward to growing our soap making skills and have a ton more design ideas up our sleeves. So stay tuned for more!

In the mean time, do you have any special requests? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at Also, if you're interested in wholesaling our soap, let us know!

Feb 25th 2019 Robert

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